Summer time is for swimming in a pool, right? Will you use a hot tub in the summer? You might be surprised how oftern, the pool and spa professionals from Seahorse Pools & Spas explain. A hot tub or spa is used by many people in the winter or cooler months when they just want to warm up and relax.

A hot tub or spa, though, is ideal year round to relax away sore, tired muscles, to relax you after a stressful dy and to just kick back and do nothing but look at the stars. Remember, you can drop the temperature of the water a few degrees to make soaking more comfortable.

The first step in taking a soak in your own hot tub or spa is to choose the hot tub or spa that makes sense for your family.

Will you use a hot tub in the summer?

Here are some considerations for whether you want to add a hot tub to your family’s water-filled backyard fun and relaxation!

  1. What do you have to spend on the hot tub, any accessories and for ongoing upkeep and maintenance. Don’t forget, this will also lead to an increase in your utility bills.
  2. How big should it be? How many people do you anticipate will regularly use it? Don’t buy one to hold a party of twenty if it will only be used by two people regularly.
  3. Why do you want it? To relax in? For therapeutic reasons? To entertain? A combination of all? Let your contractor know why and how you will use it and that will help determine the type, size and placement of jets.
  4. Do you want the hot tub or spa to be situated next to the pool? In a different area of the yard? Will you need a slab constructed on which it will be placed? Don’t forget to look at any potential privacy issues with placement.
  5.  Choose accessories, but plan on investing in a hot tub cover as being a necessity, not an accessory.

You may find you use your hot tub more in the cooler months, but you may be surprised just how often a relaxing soak in the summer, followed by or even preceded by a swim you will enjoy!