Granbury was bit by a hailstorm last Saturday, May 15. The hail ranged in size from chicken eggs to the size of a baseball. The storm shattered windows, tore through roofs, dented cars, and wreaked havoc on outdoor pools.

There are numerous ways your pool can be damaged during a hailstorm. A swimming pool’s liner above the water level is the move vulnerable to hail. The liner is the buffer between the pool’s wall and the water inside. The liner prevents any water from leaking through pores in the wall. During a hail storm, the liner can be punctured by pieces as small as a golf ball, and any puncture in the liner could lead to problems such as leaks. It is important to inspect your pool after any storm for signs of damage. If you suspect any damage or leaks in your pool, contact a professional to have the pool inspected and repaired, if necessary.

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