You don’t want to get too trendy when you’re having your swimming pool constructed. The reason for that is, if you decide to move and sell your house and if your pool is “too trendy” it may make it hard for you to sell your house because the pool will not be a draw. We have put together the trends we are seeing in 2022 swimming pools.

The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas share some of the design ideas here that you can pick and choose from and make your own!

As with clothing and hairstyles pool trends come and go. There are some that are enduring — kidney-shaped pools and rectangle styles are enduring. Whether you’re getting a new pool in 2022 or are undertaking a major renovation, here are some trends you may want to consider — or run away from.

Trends for 2022 swimming pools

  1. Water and fire features are on trend and remain so. They are beautiful and practical.
  2. Pool finishes that are a unique mix of colors and styles — pebble, quartz, stone tiles, mosiacs and more.
  3. You can’t go wrong with a swim up bar.
  4. Sunshelves are great for lounging and are also great for children to sit on and play in the water.
  5. A switch to salt water chlorination as a way to move away from using so much chlorine.
  6. Lap pools if you don’t want to give up all your yard space.
  7. Automation is never out of style. Energy efficiency through automation.
  8. Amp up the functionality of your outdoor living space by adding a kitchen and upgrading and updating your poolside area.

Talk with us and let’s get planning your swimming pool project!