Summer is the reason to have a pool. The weather is perfect, the water the right temperature, and the barbecue pit is hot. The only problem that may cause a delay in any festivities is the condition your pool. After the fall and winter months, it may be filled with countless types of debris and algae. Getting ready for that summer fun in a clean, sparkling pool takes a little work. But it is entirely worth it.

Getting Your Pool Up and Running

Here is a checklist of things to do in preparation of summer.

  • Take the pool cover off and clean it. If you’re pool is uncovered, plan an afternoon to clean out all the leaves and debris that has fallen in.
  • Add or drain water depending on how the water in your pool looks. Standing water means mosquitos.
  • Clean the pool’s filter. Then start the filtration process and check for any leaks.
  • Once the pool is clean, check the pool’s chemical levels. Let the water circulate overnight and check it in the morning. Don’t immediately add chemicals to your pool if it doesn’t need it.
  • Do a final inspection and make sure nothing needs repair.

These steps will get your pool back to swimming condition and ready for the entire summer.

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