When you’re in the midst of planning for your swimming pool project or if you’re thinking of kicking off a swimming pool remodeling project, your swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas offer tips for swimming pool landscaping.

The area around your swimming pool will be where you spend a lot of your time; in fact many pool owners find they spend more time around the pool than they do in the water and because of that they want their landscaping to be appealing to the eye.

Tips for swimming pool landscaping

  1. What appeals to you? Flowers? Shrubbery? Trees? Moveable potted plants? Will you decorate your pool fence so it performs more than a utilitarian function? Your pool fence can be for safety, privacy and aesthetics.¬†Choose plants suited to the climate where you live; make certain they will survive having pool water splashed on them. Consider the amount of sun and shade your pool area sees. Don’t plant something that needs full sun, when the pool area provides limited sun. No matter what you plant make sure it doesn’t draw ants, birds or bees, that roots won’t grow too large and damage your pool and that it won’t y drop debris into the pool.
  2. Are you considering having a pool house, gazebo or outdoor kitchen area constructed? This can be part of the entire landscaping project so don’t forget to consider the “flow” of the area when you’re having structures built.
  3. Do you already have a deck around your swimming pool? Can you find ways to enhance that? If you never had a deck constructed when your pool was built, maybe now is the time. A deck can serve as a place to relax on your chaise or it can be utilitarian.
  4. Landscaping isn’t just around the pool, it can be in the pool itself. For example, a rock waterfall is as much for fun for those in the pool as it is to enhance the aesthetics of the pool.
  5. Your poolside furniture also provides a form of landscaping to the entire swimming pool space. Look for furniture that provide both form and function and that make the outdoor living space a relaxing get away.

Once you have your budget in mind, give us a call and let’s talk about your swimming pool landscaping project.