Labor day for many means the end of summer and it is a time to throw one last pool party to remember. How can you throw a Labor Day party that your friends and family will talk about until next summer? The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas offer tips and advice to throw that last gasp of summer pool party.

Remember, if you’re throwing a party you may want to call your pool contrator and schedule an additional pool service visit. Having a change in your swimmer load — as happens with a pool party — can easily throw the chemicals out of balance and an additional pool service cleaning can assure your pool water is going to remain clean and clear and that the water will be sparkling.

Throw a Labor Day pool party

Choose a theme

Parties week in and week out can get a bit monotonous, spruce your Labor Day pool party up by choosing a theme and hosting the party based on that. You can have fun with food, music, games and decorations for your party.

When you send out invitations — whether through email or in the mail, let your guests know what the theme will be so they can get in party mode from the get-go. Make table centerpieces or get floating candles or string lights and choose your table cloths that coincide with the theme. For example if you were throwing a Fourth of July party everything could be in hues of red, white and blue. You could choose firework-themed designs, lighting in red, white and blue and even star garland to decorate the outdoor living space. You could cut up fruits and vegetables in star-shapes. Let your imagination run wild and turn to Pinterest for design and party inspiration.

Have party favors for the guests as well as having additional towels, sunblock, flipflops and other items you think would make your guests time at your party even more fun. Keep glass or other breakables away from the swimming pool area and make certain the food is in covered bowls and refrigerated to keep it fresh.

There is still time to put your plans together for a Labor Day pool party bash. Don’t let the idea of a theme party deter you — your friends will have just as much fun at your party simply because they are with you, in your pool and spending time together.

Care for Your Pool

With all of the partying, your pool will need maintenance, but don’t fret. You worry about the party planning and we’ll worry about your pool’s servicing. The professionals from Seahorse Pools & Spas are determined to keep your backyard oasis looking and working in top shape. If you have any questions about our swimming pool services, contact our location in Fort Worth today.