With every passing year fashion trends are tossed aside to make way for newer and hipper ideas that will make your clothes, hair and shoes the envy of those around you. But why not give your swimming pool a bit of a makeover? Doing so will beautify your backyard and make things more fun and enjoyable for your friends and family.

Stay Glassy

Ceramic tiles may soon be a thing of the past with this year’s introduction of the glass tile. The addition of glass tile will provide your swimming pool with an aesthetically-pleasing new look and give it an improved resistance to the factors that often affect traditional ceramic tiles. Glass tiles are less likely to crack and break and the wide variety of colors makes it extremely adaptable to everyone’s taste.

Buddy System

Chances are if you have a swimming pool you have a hot tub that is either attached to the side of the pool or completely separate from it, but the newest trends are seeing the two combined into one beautiful package. Attaching your hot tub to your swimming pool does not mean hot water will be pouring over into the coolness of your pool water, but rather, the hot tub edges will be raised to provide you with a better heightened view of the pool. With the inclusion of hot tub trends like glass tiles and innovative walkways your swimming pool/hot tub combo will surely turn some heads.

Supersize It

Everything is bigger in Texas, isn’t it? So why not let your swimming pool in on the Lone Star State motto? Don’t worry, the new trend doesn’t mean your backyard will be outfitted with a humongous swimming pool, it just means your pool can be redone to include some of the best and most beautiful water features. This means water falls, LED lights, fountains and even natural landscapes. Everything your pool needs to turn your backyard into a gorgeous oasis.

Let Us do the Work

Don’t think you have to do the hard work yourself. Our swimming pool construction team is just a phone call away and ready to discuss with you the things you’d like to add to your swimming pool. The hot summer days in Fort Worth are coming, so the time is now to let us beautify your backyard oasis.