Fun, laughter and excitement are musts when spending time in your swimming pool, but this doesn’t mean safety should go ignored. Don’t let your swimming pool become a hazard to those you love. Following a set of safety guidelines will help keep your backyard oasis injury-free during those lazy afternoons when your family and friends take to the pool. Our Seahorse Pools & Spas professionals have used their expertise to provide you some basic safety rules to follow when enjoying your pool.

The Buddy System

You should always bring company when going out for a swim. Failing to do so can leave you without an immediate source of rescue if an accident ever happens. Plus, swimming is way more fun with your friends and family around!

Check the Depth

Swimming can be a tiring form of fun and exercise, so it’s important to be aware of your swimming pool’s depth. You would not want to become fatigued in a section of the pool that is too deep and far from safety. To avoid impact with the bottom of the pool, it’s just as important to check the depth before practicing those graceful cannonballs.

No Storms Allowed

You wouldn’t go jogging or riding your bike in the middle of a thunderstorm, so play it safe and stay indoors during inclement weather. Your swimming pool will be ready for you when the sun is high and shiny.

Hair Don’ts

Swimming pool suction drains have a tendency to pull anything that crosses their path, which can be dangerous to your family and friends. To avoid any accidents, we strongly advise you and your family to keep your hair secured with hair ties and swimming caps.

Hide the Goods

Your swimming pool’s chemicals are a godsend for keeping your water looking crystal clear, so treat them with care and keep them in a dry and secure area. Storing your chemicals will not only keep them fresh, but will also keep them out of kids’ hands.

Ensuring Your Safety

We understand that your family’s safety is the most important thing to you. The same goes for us and we work to make it happen. If you have any questions about the measures you can take to keep your loved ones safe, contact our expert professionals in Fort Worth today.