As if anyone needed another reason to enjoy swimming — did you know swimming can help lower high blood pressure? It’s true.

Swimming offers many health benefits:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Recovery from injury
  3. Low impact exercise
  4. Cardio workout
  5. Lung capacity increase

When you swim, you can help lower your blood pressure and that is good for your overall health and the health of your arteries. If you lower your blood pressure you may also lower your risk of heart attack and/or stroke.

Swimming slow laps can help alleviate muscle and joint pain and arthritis. When you’re swimming laps, they can be leisurely — you’re not in a race, you’re simply getting a great, aerobic workout.

Swimming can help lower high blood pressure

Prior to beginning any exercise routine, even one as beneficial as swimming, talk with your doctor to make certain he or she feels you’re healthy enough to swim. It’s a good bet that your doctor will agree that swimming is a great way to get back into a healthy lifestyle, as long as you go slowly. Never go from complete couch potato to thinking you’re going to swim 100 laps. Work your way up to it.

If you have trouble sleeping, you may find you sleep better — more deeply and more soundly — once you’ve started swimming. Try to swim a few laps before bedtime and see if you sleep better. Once you’ve built up your stamina and want to try swimming laps faster, you may want to swim earlier because when your heart rate it too high it will be harder to get to sleep because of all the endorphins in your body.

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