Stunning pool design ideas, Seahorse Pools & Spas contractors offer tips 

If you love your swimming pool and if you want to find even more ways to love it there are some stunning pool design ideas you can talk with your pool contractor from Seahorse Pools & Spas about and consider incorporating them into your pool whether a new construction project or a swimming pool remodeling project.

Your swimming pool doesn’t have to be Olympic pool size in order to have it make a stunning impact on your landscaping and the fun you and your family will have when you spend time in the pool together. Even a small pool or a lap pool can be made more aesthetically pleasing with the addition of a few design options or accessories.

When you’re adding a pool to your home and your lifestyle you are making an investment of a lifetime that will bring rewards for the entire time you own it. Keep in mind, when working on a pool design, that the larger it is the more it will cost to build and for ongoing upkeep and maintenance.

Stunning pool design ideas

One of the most essential elements of your swimming pool project is the design as well as teh accessories you will incorporate into the pool itself. Talk with your pool contractor and tell him about all of the items you dream of having in your pool, the shape you think you’d prefer and listen to his expert advice on how to make that all come together.

  1. Add a waterfall to your swimming pool. These stunning design features mean you will have a wall of water cascading into your swimming pool. When you do this, you may want to add a seating area underneath the waterfall and construct a romantic grotto for relaxing and enjoying the look and feel of the water rushing over the rocks and into the pool. The sound of falling water has been shown to have a positive impact on moods and health.
  2. Do you have a large yard and an area where you could have a pool constructed that gives it a feeling of being separate from the house? Imagine planting tall flowers or shrubbery that can give the pool a rainforest feel. You can leave your home and walk to the swimming pool and it might feel as though you are entering an entirely new landscape. This is an ideal set up for those families who consider their homes their staycation spot.
  3. Swim up features such as a bar or an in-pool spa mean you can stay inside the swimming pool and still enjoy other amenities without ever leaving the water. If you have a swim up bar, you may want to consider adding in-pool seating so you can enjoy your beverage while you’re right in the water.

Look online for inspiration or look through your pool contractor’s portfolio and determine which types of accessories you’d want to have added to your pool and backyard area to amp up the pool to a stunning design!