A deep end in your swimming pool sounded like a great idea when it was constructed. Or, you bought a home that had a pool that had a deep end. Should you get rid of the deep end in the pool? There may be reasons to do that that just make sense. One of the reasons to get rid of the deep end is to save on operating costs and regain functionality.

A deep end sounds like a great idea when you think about having a diving board or slide. But if you consider how often the diving board or slide get used, is it worth it to have the deep end? Do you wish you had a pool you could use the entire length of? Unless you’re swimming, it’s difficult to play games or do some in-pool exercises in the deep end.

One of the most popular pool depths is between four and a half and five and a half feet deep.

Should you get rid of the deep end in the pool?

If you decide to get rid of your deep end in the pool and have a diving board you will likely need to get rid of that as well because it is dangerous, or even deadly, to use a diving board if te water is shallow.

Here are reasons to go “shallow.”

  1. You will use less water
  2. You will use fewer chemicals to keep it clean
  3. It will take less time to heat the water
  4. It may be easier to keep clean
  5. You will be able to more easily see to the bottom of the pool and that can enhance the safety
  6. Shallow pools boost efficiency and can reduce utility costs
  7. If you have an automatic vacuum it will be more energy efficient and convenient with a pool that is all one depth
  8. The pool pump and filter will likely not need to be run as many hours a day
  9. Adult supervision is always required in and around a swimming pool but children might just be safer if the water is all one depth

When you get rid of the deep end you are increasing the usable area of the pool and may have even more fun than you were before! If you want to talk about getting rid of the deep end in your pool, give us a call at SeaHorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas and we can talk price and how long it would take.