Is the summer of 2021 the time you’re planning to do a swimming pool building project or a remodeling of your existing swimming pool? You may be wondering, should you add a swimming pool fountain? The swimming pool contractors who work at Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas explain the reasons for adding a fountain are as unique as the pool owner him or herself, but they certainly are beautiful!

Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider adding a pool fountain on its own as a standalone project or as part of a larger remodel.

  1. They are relatively easy to install.
  2. They are beautiful
  3. A pool fountain can be functional
  4. Pool fountains can help cool the pool — it’s true! If you live in an area of the country with sweltering heat and humidity, a fountain is an amazing investment
  5. They help circulate the water and that is an additional circulation that assists the pool pump in its job
  6. They’re fun to swim in and under
  7. The sound of a fountain’s water hitting the pool is amazing relaxing and can relieve your stress

Should you add a swimming pool fountain?

What kind of fountains are there?

  1. Floating — this type will float on the surface of the pool
  2. Poolside fountains that are mounted on the side of the pool and shoot streams of water into the pool
  3. Lighted fountains
  4. Fountains that shoot water in various patterns and directions

Give us a call if you want to start a pool project, a pool remodeling project or if you just want to add a beautiful and functional feature like a fountain!