Seahorse Pools & Spas contractors offer tips on setting up pool cleaning schedules

When you become a swimming pool owner, there are myriad things that you will need to keep track of. The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spa Service offer tips on how to set up a pool cleaning schedule. It’s important to get a pool cleaning schedule in place to assure the pool water is always clean and that no algae takes hold in your pool.

When you work with a swimming pool service contractor you can rest assured that he will have your pool on a regimented pool maintenance schedule — that’s his job! If, however, you’re going to undertake your own swimming pool maintenance you need to set up a schedule and keep up with it.

How to set up a pool cleaning schedule 

In addition to setting up the pool cleaning schedule, here are reasons behind its importance:

  1. It will take you less time to clean the pool and keep it clean if you maintain it regularly. A pool cleaning schedule makes sure the service and maintenance are done consistently. A consistently cleaned pool means you will spend less hours behind the vacuum and more time in the pool with friends and family.
  2. A consistent pool cleaning schedule leave less chance that there will be issues with the water. Your pool water could be vulnerable to problems if, it’s exposed to hot sun all day, with many swimmers using it regularly. The contaminants that will make their way into your pool water when it is used regularly will be multiplied and bacteria will quickly take hold. There is no quick fix if the water gets cloudy or algae filled — in fact when this happens, many pool owners find they need to call on the services of an experienced pool contractor to bring the water back to swimmable conditions.
  3. Caring for the water consistently and thoroughly also means you may spend less money on pool chemicals. If you’re testing the pool water regularly and adding chemicals when needed it is better than having to shock or super chlorinate the water to kill bacteria and bring dirty water back to being bacteria-free.

If you’re a new swimming pool owner, it might make sense to give us a call and have us come out and show you how a proper pool cleaning and maintenance program looks like then you can be a do-it-yourselfer – it’s easier once you have the basics!