Seahorse Swimming pool contractors offer safety tips for pool owners who want to swim with their pets

Swimming with friends, family and even your four legged “family” is something that many pool owners want to do and they ask us all the time for safety tips for pets in your swimming pool. Here are the best tips from Seahorse Pools & Spas contractors who serve pool owners in Fort Worth, Texas for swimming safely with your pets:

  • Not all dogs want to swim. Contrary to popular belief not all dogs love water and not all dogs can swim. If your dog wants to join you, make it a welcoming atmosphere, if not, don’t force him. Keep in mind that some cats may want to swim, so keep an eye out for your cat around the pool.swimming with your pes
  • Keep life jackets poolside for your dogs and get in the habit of putting them into a life jacket before they even get into the pool. If they’re in the water and get tired, you may not notice them until it’s too late and with a life jacket they have an additional measure of safety.
  • If you want to swim with your dog, make it dog-friendly. Have an area in which the dog can easily get into and out of the water. Have toys available that he only plays with pool side. Wash him off once he’s out of the water to remove any chlorine from his fur.

Supervision of your pets is just as important as supervision of your children when you’re in the pool. Also, if you have any other questions about pet safety in your pool, ask us and also let us know if you’re swimming with your pet as that could impact the pool service schedule.