Do you have children or pets in the household? Do you live in a neighborhood where children may scale your pool safety fence and attempt to get into the pool? These are a couple of the reasons to buy a safety cover for the pool. The Fort Worth, Texas swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas explain to swimming pool owners that a safety cover is more secure than a simple pool cover.

The reasons to invest in a safety cover are the children and pets in your home. The pool safety fence should keep everyone out of the pool, but as you know accidents happen. A safety cover will add an additional layer of safety.

Many pool covers offer the same functions: they keep debris out of the water and help slow the rate of evaporation. A safety cover does both of those but it is also designed to bear the weight of a small child or pet.

 Reasons to buy a safety cover for the pool

The budget for your swimming pool project will need to include a safety fence for the pool — at the very least. If you want to be truly responsible and keep everyone in your household safe from harm, a safety cover is more than worth the investment you make.

Here are a couple of safety cover options:

  1. Solid. This is the safest, but is heavy and not easy to get on and off and that sometimes makes it not be used properly or diligently enough. If you invest in a solid cover, you may want to make the investment in a pool cover lifter or an automatic cover.
  2. Mesh. This is a lighter, more porous cover and is lighter to get on and off. Its main drawback is that because it’s mesh it doesn’t keep debris out of the pool water.

Swimming pool safety covers should be a conversation you have with us when you’re planning your pool project or if there is a change in your household — a new pet or a child — that is making you think you need a pool safety cover.