Seahorse Pool contractors, serving Ft. Worth, Texas offer pool safety tips for pool parties

If you’re a new swimming pool owner, chances are you have become the favorite house on the block, right? This means you will have to be extra vigilant about the children (and adults) who are spending time in the pool so that there are no accidents or injuries. The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools offer these pool safety tips for all pool owners:

  • Keep Watch: Your guests are your responsibility, so before you lather on that sunscreen and get the party playlist ready, make sure you assign a trusted individual the role of lifeguard. If your swimming pool has gathered considerable attention throughout the neighborhood and if your party is expected to consist of a large amount of people, it might be wise to hire a professional. Always make sure there’s an extra set of eyes glued onto your guests (especially the little ones) to keep accidents from happening. slide1
  • Identify the Risky Guests: When you throw a pool party, you must understand you might have some guests that are rowdier than others. The truth is, most of these high-risk guests are children looking to have a bit of extra fun, which is understandable. But prevent any accidents from happening by keeping a close eye on them and enforce a set of rules around the pool. These rules may include: no running, no diving, no rough play, and no dunking.
  • Safety Equipment is a Must: Accidents may happen in the blink of an eye, so it’s highly-advised to keep safety equipment close to provide instant help. A life ring with a tow rope and a telescoping pole can be very helpful in case of an accident. Keep these close to your swimming pool along with an array of flotation toys (noodles, pool tubes, etc.) that the little ones can use if they are not at an expert-swimming level yet.

We Strive for Safety

Pool party safety can be a confusing thing to deal with and understand, but don’t worry, the swimming pool experts of Seahorse Pools & Spas are here to give you the advice you need. From swimming pool construction needs to pool maintenance services, know that our Fort Worth specialists are just a phone call away.