Before the pool is opened for the season or during the pool opwning you may be wondering, “should the pool tiles be cleaned”? You can ask us when we pay a service visit or when we open your swimming pool for you for the season, but if it’s been a while since the tiles have been cleaned, there is no time like the present to have that task completed. You can tell, sometimes, that tiles need to be cleaned by a visual inspection, but other times it needs a deeper review to tell if any of the tiles or grout are being impacted and aren’t clean enough.

As in your bathtub or shower you don’t always notice the grime until it’s, well, noticeable! When you own a swimming pool you don’t want to wait until the grime or build up is noticeable to have them cleaned. Cleaning the pool tiles — and even an acid wash — should be scheduled as part of your regular swimming pool maintenance. Pool tile cleaning doesn’t have to happen monthly, it can be annually or even every other year.

When the tiles are cleaned your pool contractor will remove lime scale, algae and calcium water deposits.

Should the pool tiles be cleaned?

Here is what happens during a pool tile cleaning project.

  • The water will be drained to a level below where hard water stains or lime deposits are built uip.
  • An acidic gel tile cleaner is applied, worked into the tiles and sit for at least 15 minutes to loosen dirt and deposits.
  • Your pool contractor will wipe away and clear away any residue so it doesn’t contaminate the water.

Work with us to assure the pool tiles are clean and that the water chemisty isn’t impacted by a cleaning session. Another reason to clean the pool tiles is to assure they are not getting a slimey build up that can be slippery and lead to a potential fall hazard for anyone who is using the pool.