Seahorse Pool builders offer pet safety tips for pool owners

Swimming pools are ideal for family fun and get-togethers as well as for exercising for you and your dog. If you decide to allow your dog into the pool you need to be a responsible for his safety as you are for keeping track of your children in the pool. Remember, too that not all dogs love the water and contrary to popular believe, not all dogs can swim.

Here are five tipdog in swimming pool s from the swimming pool contractors at Seahorse Pools & Spas for keeping your pet safe in and around the pool:

  1.  Use a pool alarm. Pool supply companies have several types of alarms available. The alarms alert you if the water in your swimming pool is disturbed, ie someone, or something, has fallen or jumped in. You can choose either a floating alarm or one installed directly into the pool. This is good advice as well for parents of small children.
  2. Fencing around the perimeter of the pool is one of the first steps that should be taken once your pool is installed. Check with your local code enforcement officials as it may be a local law. Fences should be self locking and of a style that a child couldn’t climb.
  3. Have a pool ramp installed. There are several kinds of ramps that make it easy for your dog to get into and out of the pool. Make certain your dog understands what the ramp is for and that he knows how to use it.
  4. Purchase a collar alarm for your pet. There are alarms that attach to your dog’s collar that will sound if it gets wet.
  5. Consider investing in a dog life vest to keep him safe and don’t let him swim when the pool is full of people who are splashing around as he may get frantic and could get injured.

If your dog is fearful and avoids the pool, don’t force him to join you. If your dog loves the water, then it may be a natural for him to join you and the family. Every dog is unique and you should keep that in mind.