Seahorse Pool contractors, serving Fort Worth, Texas, explain pool design options 

The array of swimming pool styles and designs you can choose from can be sometimes dizzying! When you are in the process of a swimming pool construction project you will want to talk with the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools about the options you have available for consideration for your swimming pool project. When you meet with a swimming pool contractor in Fort Worth, Texas you should go armed with questions, your concerns and  your pool budget.

Here are other items to consider and to talk with your pool contractor about:

  • The weather. Weather can play a role in choosing the best pool construction material. Wet and overly hot climates may be ideal for an indoor pool if you have the space. Areas prone to earthquakes might mean you choose a fiberglass pool because these will “float” with the tremors. Extreme temperature fluctuations might lead to cracking of gunite.  Talk with your contractor as he is your most knowledgeable source for building material based on your location. Fort Worth Waterfalls
  • How will the pool be used? Taking time to think about how you will use your pool and your outdoor living space will also help you determine the size, shape and style as well as the accessories you may want in your pool. Answer these questions about your pool: Will it be a party hot spot? A place to relax with the children? An area that will be used almost exclusively for exercise? The answers to these questions will help you determine the size and shape and depth of your swimming pool. For example, if you’re thinking that you will only be swimming laps, opt for a lap pool. If you have young children, consider a beach entry as it is a gentle way for them to get into the pool or simply play in the shallow end.
  • Your pool budget needs to include construction as well as ongoing maintenance. Not only do you need to pay for the pool construction, but you need to budget for ongoing upkeep and maintenance. Whether you plan to do the maintenance and upkeep yourself or work with a pool contractor you need to be aware of what it will cost. Budget for increases in utility bills once the pool is operational. Don’t skimp, if possible, because you want a pool you can love for decades, not one you have regrets about not having included XYZ accessory.
  • Check with your insurance agent before you install a pool. You will need to know whether your policy covers the installation of a swimming pool and you may want to increase your liability coverage. Ask your agent before you sign any contracts so you don’t get any unwelcome surprises.
  • Safety features. Safety should be front of mind and safety features will also be a part of your pool construction so you will need to budget for safety items whether they are pool covers, pool fencing or pool alarms. There will also be local zoning codes you will need to adhere to when it comes to your pool safety.

Talk with your pool contractor about these items and the others that will surely come up when you have your meeting with him. Getting your pool project underway now means the pool will be available for next year’s swim season!