Seahorse Pools contractors offer landscaping tips  

Will you spend as much time around your swimming pool as you do in the water? The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas know that you will. Because of this you will want to put time and effort into your swimming pool landscaping plans because when you’re not in the pool, you will want to relax poolside in your wonderfully landscaped outdoor living space.

Talk with a  swimming pool contractor from Seahorse Pools to get ideas on how to landscape around your swimming pool area. There are many reasons to landscape including as a way to protect your property from erosion and for aesthetic and relaxation appeal. Here are items to consider for your landscaping project:

  1. First and foremost think about what you like. Just because privacy fences are “in” doesn’t mean you have to have one if you don’t like them. Do you want shrubs, trees to act as privacy “fences?” What about planting perennials poolside?
  2. Are there structures you’d like to have to enhance the space? A gazebo, pool house, outdoor kitchen, etc.
  3. If you don’t have a deck, you might want to add a deck. If you have a deck, you may want to add to it or enhance it.
  4. Do you want a rock waterfall for the pool as part of your landscaping design?
  5. Plant what will thrive. If you love roses, but they won’t thrive where you live, don’t waste your money and watch plants shrivel on the vine. Choose plants suited to the climate where you live. Make certain they will survive having pool water splashed on them. Consider the amount of sun and shade your pool area sees. Don’t plant something that needs full sun, but all your pool area is providing is limited sun and mostly shade. Your pool contractor and landscaping expert can help you choose the right foliage. No matter what you plant you will want to make sure it doesn’t draw ants or bees, that roots won’t grow too large and damage your pool, that it won’t be continually dropping debris into the pool.

Set your budget. Determine what you want in the project.

Do you want to enhance the landscaping you currently have or do you want to have a complete change in your landscaping?