Let’s be honest, the last thing you probably think about when building a swimming pool or remodeling your existing one is the pump. It’s bulky and not very pretty to the eye, so why should you put any real thought into picking the best one, right?

The truth is, your pool’s water pump is one of the most important pieces of the swimming pool puzzle. It circulates the water in your pool, filters it, and distributes the chemicals evenly so that the water is pleasant for anyone who takes a dip. It’s important to educate yourself about the different types of pumps to find the right one for your backyard oasis.

Single Speed Pumps

The granddaddy of all pumps is still in operation in swimming pools around the nation. The single speed pump is inexpensive, easy to fix, and can last you up to eight years. While this type of pump is relatively cheap and was widely used for decades, its lack of operating efficiency and energy costs have steadily been turning pool owners to more modern machines.

Two Speed

The two speed water pump is pricier than its predecessor but the differences in performance are significant. The pump’s low speed option can continue to filter your water while saving you about 50% more than a single speed pump in energy costs, not to mention it’s significantly quieter than the single speed granddad.

Variable Speed

The variable speed pump is the hotshot in the water pump world. Its price is higher than its predecessors but the benefits of owning one make it worth every penny. A variable speed pump has a longer life, digital controls that can offer you a wide range of pumping speeds, and has the ability to be 90% more energy efficient than the single speed.

At Your Service

Swimming pool parts can be a complicated thing to deal with, but don’t worry, our pool specialists in Fort Worth are at your disposal. At Seahorse Pools & Spas, we offer the best pool pump brands with unique capabilities, including WhisperFlo, Challenger, and Inteliflo. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge by constructing a swimming pool, or if your existing one needs a bit of maintenance, give us a call and let us do the hard work.