When you’re swimming the last thing you want to worry about is getting stung! If you ask your swimming pool contractor from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas how to keep bees away from the pool he will have a few suggestions you can employ this year to keep everyone who is enjoying the pool from being a victim of a bee sting.

Keep bees away from the pool

Bees and wasps will visit your home because you have a swimming pool and to them that means you have a watering hole that is available for their use. Keep in mind though that many bees and wasps perform tasks that are good for the environment so it’s best to keep them from making your home and pool a refuge than it is to kill them; you especially want to avoid insecticides if you have pets or children in the yard.

  •  Trick them by hanging a fake wasp nest. Because wasps are territorial, they may avoid your yard if they think other wasps have already moved in.
  • Many species of wasps enjoy raw meat. Hang a piece of cheap beef in an area that is away from your pool. They will be drawn to the beef and away from your pool. Only use a small piece — you want it to be attractive to wasps, but not so large that it rots and lures in other unwanted visitors.
  • Call on the services of a bee or wasp removal service. If you can’t get rid of them — safely — on your own, call in a professional.
  • Give them an alternative water source — away from the pool.
  • Plant flowers, that may lure in bees and wasps, in an area that does not surround the pool.
  •  Hang dryer sheets or use them on your outdoor tables. Bees don’t like the smell of dryer sheets and this will keep them away. Don’t forget to replace them occasionally.
  • Keep sweet, sugary drinks and treats away from the pool. If you have children and they spill their drinks or sweet treats, that will lure in the bees and wasps. Clean up spills as soon as possible.

Be aware that most bees and wasps will not “attack” unless provoked, Give them a wide berth, but work on a plan to remove them from your pool area for safety’s sake.