If you’re like a lot of pool owners, you poured your money and budget for your swimming pool into the swimming pool! Now that you have been a pool owner for a while you may be thinking about poolside landscaping or even adding a permanent structure like a pool house or a gazebo. Is it time to add a pool house? It might just be — read on and then talk with one of our pool contractors at Seahorse Pools & Spas for your Fort Worth, Texas project.

Pool houses truly are a great way to extend the square footage of your house and they make outdoor living easier and more comfortable than sitting poolside in the hot sun. Adding a pool house or gazebo adds elegance and ambiance to the entire outdoor living space. It might even add to the resale value of your home along with your well-constructed pool.

In the past, a gazebo was typically used to house lawn furniture or hammocks and was tucked in the corner of the yard. Not today’s gazebos though. These structures, while not as permanent or solid as a pool house are ideal for entertaining and relaxing. A gazebo can be hexagonal, octagonal or square. They can be constructed in such a way as to create the illusion of seclusion or be used as a privacy “hedge” and can be enclosed or have three walls and one open wall.

Is it time to add a pool house?

A gazebo might have a wooden deck floor or paver tiles. The gazebo can have a wooden floor or one paved with decorative tiles. The roof is typically not much higher than seven feet. They truly are beautiful additions to any backyard decor.

Gazebos can be spacious enough to hold your furniture and perhaps even a hot tub!

If you have the space and the budget look to a more permanent structure like a pool house. These structures can be additional living and sleeping space, can house a washer and dryer, a shower and additional bathroom so guests are walking through the house with wet feet and suits.

You will need to talk with a local code enforcement officer or one of our pool professionals to see if you have the space to accommodate a pool house in your backyard. As pool and swim season is coming to an end for many pool owners, now is the time to look into the construction of a pool house.