Gunite (concrete) vinyl liner or fiberglass pool. Which is right for you? Is a fiberglass pool right for you and your family? Is fiberglass the best choice for you, your maintenance needs and your budget? All these questions, and more can be answered by your swimming pool contractor from Seahorse Pools and Spas in Fort Worth, Texas. Remember what’s “best” or “right” for you is different than what may be best or right for your neighbors or family — the choice is entirely up to you. You may want to ask for input and insight from them, but ultimately the choice is yours.

Why fiberglass?

Every construction material has advantages and disadvantages, but even those are as unique as the person who is getting that type of pool.  Many pool owners choose fiberglass because they are easy to clean and because of its smooth surface, they are not prone to algae growth.

Is a fiberglass pool right for you?

Here are fiberglass pool benefits.

  1. There is the ability to have a unique shape.
  2. The pool is delivered to your home in one piece — like a bathtub and that means it installs quickly.
  3. You can add accessories like: seats, steps, a hot tub, waterfall, in-pool lighting and others.
  4. Fiberglass is budget-friendly.
  5. Fiberglass installation can be completed in as few as three days.
  6. The smooth finish helps pH levels will remain stable, algae growth is minimal
  7. You save money on pool service and maintenance with a fiberglass pool.

There are more benefits and some drawbacks to having a fiberglass pool constructed. Give us a call and let’s talk through all of them so you can make an informed choice. A swimming pool is a major investment and you can’t really change your mind once it’s done — you need to do your research and get the best pool for your needs from the start.