Seahorse Pools, serving Fort Worth, Texas pool owners keep pool water clean and bacteria-free

In a perfect world you could have a backyard swimming pool and swim in it any time you wanted without even having to think at all about its cleanliness! The fact is, you may want to work with a swimming pool service contractor from Seahorse Pools to keep the water free of bacteria which could potentially make anyone who uses the water ill. Working with a pool contractor will help assure that doesn’t happen and that the pool water is always clean and crystal clear.

Some people do love to clean and maintain their own pools, but other people find that it takes too much time and effort to do it themselves. In some cases, it may even cost more to maintain your pool than it is to work with a pool contractor — the reason is that if you don’t know what you’re doing you could spend a lot of time adding more chemicals to get them back in line.

What does a pool contractor do to keep your swimming pool water clean? Here are some items: Picture11

  1. Check the chlorine levels. If chlorine is out of line, it can throw the rest of the water chemistry out of balance. Chlorine levels should be tested daily. If they are too low you will need to add more chlorine to it. If they are too high your swimmers will suffer from red eyes and dry, itchy skin.
  2. The alkalinity levels will be measured. If they run high or low you run the risk of corrosion to the pool equipment. Cloudy water is also an indicator that the alkaline levels are too low.  Sodium bicarbonate will need to be added in this case.
  3. The pH levels will be tested.
  4. The calcium hardness will be checked. High calcium levels can lead to corrosion of the equipment and plumbing.
  5. Occasionally, the pool water will need to be shocked aka super-chlorinated. This will stabilize the pool’s chemicals and brings them back in line. For swimming pools that see a lot of heavy use the natural body oils, sweat and cosmetics will change the chemical levels.
  6. Skimming the pool to keep it free of floating debris is something you will do between service visits to keep the debris from clogging the filter. Your pool contractor will clean the skimmer basket and filter during a service visit.
  7. The filter basket will be checked because if it gets too full, the water won’t circulate and it could lead to algae growth.

Because keeping up with swimming pool chores is a lot of work, many pool owners opt to work with an experienced swimming pool service contractor so that all they have to worry about it jumping in and having fun.