The temperatures in Fort Worth, Texas may not hit the triple digits as often (or ever) like they do in Arizona or other parts of the country but the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth have tips on how to cool your swimming pool water in case it does get too warm.

While you don’t want to jump into pool water that has your teeth chattering and goosebumps on your flesh, you probably also don’t want to be in pool water that is as warm as bath water. There is a happy medium between too warm and too cold.

How to cool your swimming pool water

Ways to cool your swimming pool water — not all of them are quick, but they may help in the long-term for the water temp.

  1. Just add ice. Yes, it sounds odd, but if you have access to copious amounts of ice, you can use that to cool the pool water. Dump it in and the water will cool. Make note, though that doing this will also have the added complication of changing the water chemistry because you’re essentially adding untreated water to the pool.
  2. Run the filter and pump at night. When you run the filter and pump at night you’re getting the benefit of off-peak electricity costs and running the equipment at night when the ambient air is cooler will help water evaporate and make it cooler in the morning.
  3.  Is your landscaping blocking too much of the wind? If you want to keep the pool water warmer, having landscaping that acts as a windblock makes sense. If the pool water is too warm, remove obstacles to wind and air flow and that will help cool the water and the poolside sitting area.
  4. A reverse-cycle heat pump will cool the water. This is an investment that you may not want to make unless you’re living in an area of the country where the temperatures are unbearably hot and that is making your pool water uncomfortably warm. If you have a solar heating system run the water through the solar panels at night and the solar panels will work to cool the water rather than heat it.
  5. A fountain or other water feature will help cool the water. The reason for this is that you’re causing the water to move in the pool and moving water is cooler than standing water. Also, if you stand in or your chldren play in the fountain they will feel cooler.

Has your pool water been warmer than you’d hoped it would be? Ask us for assistance in cooling your pool water and keeping it comfortable for swimming this summer.