Ever notice that ring around the bathtub? Probably not until it’s right there, staring at you when you go to take a bath, right? Bathtub ring is one of those things that sneaks up on you and then once it’s there, it’s all you can see! That is the same with pool tiles, the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas tell their customers. They also tell them how to clean pool tiles, if they are DIYers.

The pool contractors from Seahorse will check, inspect and clean the pool tiles before the start to get that “ring around the bathtub” look! Pool care involves more than testing the water chemistry. It means you need to check the filters, the pump pressure, the skimmer baskets and also the overall look of the pool and the pool tiles.

You will want to remove calcium water deposits and lime scale from the tiles — hopefully before it becomes so noticeable that it’s all you can see. There are a myriad of ways to clean pool tiles and and your pool contractor is your best resource for information and advice especially since many of the methods are unique to the pool material you have.

How to clean pool tiles

The reason tiles get grungy is because of hard water deposits that form on the upper rows of the tiles at the water’s edge. This is a blessing in one way because if the build up is above the water line you won’t have to drain any water.

Here is what a pool contractor will do to clean the pool tiles:

  • The pool water levels may be drained to a foot below the rows of infected tiles to keep cleaning agents from the water. We urge you to not drain the pool on your own because it can cause costly damage if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • The pool contractor will apply an acidic gel tile cleaner. The gel is worked into the tiles, allowed to sit then the deposits are wiped away.
  • The deposits will be wiped away or they will be scoured with pool construction material specific tools.
  • Your contractor will completely remove all gel and residue before the pool water is refilled and the water chemistry tested.

Your pool service contractor will repeat the cleaning process until the tiles are cleaned and the pool looks as good as new. Give us a call if you want to leave the cleaning up to us or if you want a deep cleaning and tile cleaning.