Fort Worth, Texas pool contractors offer tips for choosing your pool

You’ve decided to take the plunge and install a pool as a way to add value to your home and fun to your family life! Installing a pool adds grace and charm, and could increase your home’s value. The big question now is, what kind of pool to install? Here are items the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas say you should consider:

  1. Cost – Budget for your pool project, ongoing maintenance and upkeep and for accessories to have installed as part of your project.
  2. Space – What type of space do you have available in your backyard? What are the local zoning requirements for a pool project? If space is limited you may want to consider a lap pool rather than a full size pool. poollights1
  3. Choice – The choices for size, shape and materials are varied and may be limited only by your budget and by the building material you choose for the project. Gunite is the most flexible and expensive, followed by vinyl liner and then fiberglass.
  4. Installation – How soon do you want your pool project complete? The various types of building materials bring with them different timelines for completion. Understand those when making your pool decision.
  5. Durability – Inground pools made of gunite are the longest lasting followed by fiberglass and then vinyl liner pools. Again, you must consider all of the advantages and disadvantages of all models — including ease of maintenance and overall price.

There are myriad items to consider prior to making any final decisions on the type of pool your family will want to invest in. It is a long term commitment and requires much up front planning and thought.