Have you ever wanted to add a slide to the family swimming pool? How to choose a swimming pool slide is a question the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas answer frequently.

Slides do require your pool to meet certain standards for width and depth in order to make it safe for anyone who uses it. A free standing swimming pool slide gives your family swimming pool a feeling of being at a water park and that truly amps up the “staycation” feeling you get when you walk out into your backyard.

Swimming pools today come in a myriad of shapes and styles that help you design your own unique slide experience for your family.

How to choose a swimming pool slide

You can choose from a:

  1. Custom built swimming pool slide
  2. Pre-fabricated swimming pool slide

Once you have decided you want a swimming pool slide, what are your other options?

  1. A runway style which is essentially one that is also called a “flume.” This slide and the speed you travel down it is determined by its slope and the longer it is and the higher the sides, the more quickly you travel. You can opt for a corkscrew or a curved model.
  2. How tall will your slide be? The taller the slide, the quicker you will travel. The taller the slide, the bigger the price tag. Low profile slides are best for families with young children and smaller budgets and if you don’t want the slide to be the focal point of the pool.
  3. You need to determine how much of your deck space you want to devote to the footprint of the slide. Even a small slide will require about 30 square feet of deck space.
  4. What color do you want your slide? There are many options from which to choose. You can have it complement or contrast the color of your pool and other landscaping.
  5. Don’t forget to have water features installed. You don’t want to slide down a dry slide and you certainly don’t want to go down a slide that is hot from being exposed to the sun all day.

Are you ready to have a slide installed in your family pool? Give us a call and let’s talk!