Fort Worth, Texas swimming pool contractors help pool owners get ready for spring

It’s almost the first of February and that means it’s time to begin thinking about opening your swimming pool for the summer. The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas explain how pool owners get ready for spring. This is the ideal time to reach out to your swimming pool contractor to get on their schedule for a swimming pool opening. There is no time like the present because once the first warm-ish days of 2017 are in evidence you may have a harder time getting on their schedule.

What can you do now to get your pool ready for spring and summer?

After you, and your pool contractor are certain the threat of winter or a freeze has passed, it’s time to clean off your swimming pool cover. You will want to clean the cover of any standing water or debris before it is removed. The cover shouldn’t be removed until you’re certain that using the pool is imminent.

How pool owners get ready for spring

Spring cleaning

It’s tempting to pull off the cover and to jump into the pool as soon as the water is warm enough. The pool water and the pool need a thorough cleaning and a water chemical balancing. Your pool contractor will replace the equipment that was removed to help get the pool through the winter months. The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools will take care of the pre-summer pool opening tasks. We will vacuum the pool and replace the equipment. Everything will be inspected prior to your being able to use the pool.

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Owning a swimming pool and opening it for the season is a lot of work and that’s why many swimming pool owners work with Fort Worth, Texas pool contractors to open the pool even if they do the maintenance and service for the summer. If you want to work with a pool pro for your pool opening, give us a call, get on the schedule!