How to hire a pool service contractor, Seahorse Pools & Spas contractors explain

Are you new to swimming pool ownership? Are you overwhelmed by the prospect of having to clean and maintain your swimming pool on your own? Are you a long time swimming pool owner who just wants to turn the task of pool maintenance and chemical balancing over to a swimming pool contractor? If either are true, here are tips on how to hire a pool service contractor as shared by the pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas. Service contractors work with both new and long-time pool owners to keep the pool clean and the water bacteria free.

There are myriad pool maintenance tasks a pool owner can, and probably should, do between service visits. Having a swimming pool service contractor on locked in for the swim season takes the worry out of having to continually test the water and assure the pool equipment is operating correctly. A pool contractor, with his knowledge and skill will help assure the investment you’ made in your swimming pool will last a lifetime.

How to hire a pool service contractor

What goes into maintaining and servicing a swimming pool? Here are a few of the items that need to be done regularly:

  1. Pool water chemistry will be maintained at appropriate levels. He understands the delicate balances of the chemicals and will be able to add what’s necessary. If the pool water doesn’t contain the correct amount of chlorine, bacteria will contaminate the water. Too much chlorine and you will have red eyes and dry, itchy skin.
  2. The electrical and plumbing systems will be inspected during pool service visits. The filtration system, electrical system and pool pump will be checked.
  3. Dirt and debris will be skimmed from the pool.
  4. The filter will be cleaned.
  5. Skimmer baskets will be emptied and cleaned.
  6. The pool walls and floor will be brushed and the pool vacuumed.

What does pool service cost?

Between $75 and $200 per month for pool service. This will vary depending on how often the contractor visits, the size of your pool and other factors that your contractor will explain to you.

Some pool owners discover the expense of purchasing pool chemicals, storing them and finding the time to properly service the pool is more costly than is hiring a professional.