Let’s talk a walk outdoors to the poolside space. Is it time to give your outdoor living space a makeover? In this time of home quarantine because of coronavirus, you may be spending more time at home and why not spend that time poolside?

The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas are considered essential services and that means they can come and work on your pool and help update and upgrade your outdoor living space.

If it’s warm and if you’re anxious to get outdoors, why not look at making your outdoor living space a place that gets your entire family outside all summer long?

Give your outdoor living space a makeover

Consider these potential upgrades to the outdoor living space

  1. Grilling and outdoor kitchen. Whether you have a grill or an entire outdoor kitchen, are you happy with the amenities? If you don’t have an outdoor kitchen, is it time to consider adding one?
  2. What is the lighting like when the sun goes down? Add lighting to the pool. Add lighting to the walkways and to the seating area.
  3. Landscape for aesthetics and privacy. Look for landscaping ideas and projects that do double duty. It could do triple duty if you plant to add a windbreak to help prevent water evaporation.

What needs to happen in your outdoor living space to help you move your indoor living to the out of doors? Put together your budget then decide what will make you happiest when you’re relaxing poolside and give us a call. We can put together a computerized layout for your outdoor living space that encompasses your pool and can help you get the outdoor space of your dreams.

Let’s make this the summer you never leave the outdoor space at all — other than to go to sleep. BUT if you have a pool house, you may just sleep outside!