You really don’t want to be the person making repairs on your swimming pool in the middle of summer while other families boast about how much fun they had in their crystal-clear waters. What’s the best solution for avoiding the shame of a malfunctioning pool in mid-July? Get started on the repairs now and enjoy your backyard oasis later.

Pump It Up

Summer time in Texas comes with more than just an increase in heat. Your electricity bill doesn’t just skyrocket with that cool air being forced out of your AC unit; a malfunctioning pool pump will do just as much damage to your pocket. Replace your single-speed pump today and relieve the strain that a high electricity bill can place on your family. The swimming pool market has recently produced new variable-speed pumps that use less energy by running at lower and faster speeds.

Chlorine Be Gone

Nobody likes the harsh effects that chlorine from a swimming pool can have on the skin. If you’re looking to replace your chlorine treatment system, a salt water system can be a good option to prevent the negative effects of chlorine. A salt treatment system will still use chlorine as part of the disinfecting process but manages to reduce the itchy, dry and toxic effects on your family’s skin.

Make It Pretty

The cold months and inactivity your pool was subjected to may have caused leaks and aesthetic damages, so if you’re looking to replace your deck or the inside surface of your swimming pool, you might want to get a head start. Any of these repairs will require your pool to be drained and dry for about 3 weeks, but the wait will be worth it once you show off that beautiful backyard pool.

Safety First

Your family’s well-being is the most important thing to consider when out in the pool. Let’s make sure every precaution is taken to keep everyone as safe as possible. Make sure your swimming pool fence gets necessary repairs and that your gate hinges are functioning correctly. It can be exhausting work to complete but don’t stress over it, Seahorse Pools & Spas is here to help.

Fun, Always

Let us take a look at your swimming pool. Seahorse Pools & Spas will provide you with top-of-the-line pool accessories and products to ensure that your oasis is ready for those lazy summer months in Fort Worth.