Seahorse Pools & Spas Dallas

For A Pool Experience That’s Second to None

Seahorse Pools and Spas in Dallas is your one-stop shop for all your pool and spa requirements as well as quality products and customer service. Seahorse Pools and Spas offer pool services including remodeling, year-round chemical and cleaning services, quick pool and accessory repairs, regular maintenance, and expert chemical and equipment advice from our retail and pool specialists. We also pride ourselves on the beautiful pools we provide our customers with to make their backyard a getaway. Seahorse Pools and Spas in a company known for being passionate, trust-worthy and quality driven when it comes to their business.

With over 25 years of experience providing customers with services, products, and knowledge about all things concerning pools, spas, and owning a custom pool, our Dallas team at Seahorse Pools and Spas has become a go-to pool company. We don’t let our customers purchase a pool with a blindfold on. Our Dallas team at Seahorse Pools and Spas has spent years researching all there is to know about owning and operating a pool and we make sure to share the information with our customers.

Your custom Seahorse pool must always be up to standard with safety and health regulations and our staff strives to make sure your pool is always like new. We provide many services including pool and spa equipment repair, leak detection, equipment add-ons and installations, inspections, preventative maintenance on pumps, filters, heaters, cleaners, control systems, timers, etc. We also offer weekly chemical and cleaning services and pool opening and closing for season changes to our customers when needed. Our Seahorse Pools and Spas staff in Dallas will help you understand what type of maintenance and service your pool will require and when it is time to give us a call.

At Seahorse Pools and Spas in Dallas, we know that our customers like to swim in beautiful pools and our team of builders and contractors are not strangers to all kinds of designs. After so many years of building countless pools for customers with all kind of personalities, we’ve done it all. Our Dallas custom pool constructors are capable of some of the most unique designs. We design each custom pool and spa with the customers’ dreams as inspiration.

Our team of talented and capable individuals will meet your expectations without question or hesitation. Don’t wait to contact Seahorse Pools and Spas at our Dallas location to speak with a team member who will answer all of your pool and spa questions.

Call us now at 817-579-5297 to speak with a Dallas Seahorse Pools and Spas expert. We know you will have a stress-free experience choosing the perfect pool for you and your home.