Can we swim if the pool water is foamy? The short answer from the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas say you should wait until the water has been addressed. Foam in a swimming pool is not something you want to see when you’re ready to jump in the water.

Keep in mind that foam on a pool isn’t like the foam you’d see on a sitcom pouring out of a dishwasher or washing machine. Foam in pool water may not even look like much more than bubbles from the water filter or skimmer, but you will definitely notice a difference in foam from something generated from bubbles to something that needs the services of a pool contractor.

Can we swim if the pool water is foamy?

The short answer as to why the water is foamy is that the water is “thick.” That sounds odd, but when the water isn’t as clean as it should be, there will be more bubbles and that will lead to foam in the water. The causes of foam include:

  1. Too much body lotion, perfumes, deodorant, etc. — organic materials
  2. Hair spray and other hair products can “thicken” the water
  3. The laundry soap coming off your bathing suits
  4. Not using high quality pool chemicals. Yes, there is a difference when you buy pool chemicals from a pool pro or from your local department store
  5. Leaving total dissolved solids unaddressed

 What does a pool contractor do about foaming water? 

  1. He will test the water chemistry and add what needs to be added to get it balanced.
  2. He will check to make certain — if you bought your own algaecides — that you bought one that is non-foaming (that will be indicated on the label)
  3. Ask everyone to shower before they jump into the pool to remove all dead skin, perfume, deodorant, hair spray, etc. before jumping in

Don’t swim in the pool if the water is foaming. If you are a DIYer with pool maintenance, grab your test kit and check the water chemistry and add the proper chemicals to balance the water and also check the total dissolved solids. If you’re unsure how to address the foam, give us a call and we can help.