Not all swimming pool owners want to go the traditional route and keep their swimming pool water clean with chlorine. If you have wondered, “can a pool be cleaned without chlorine,” the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas say there certainly are ways to keep the pool water clean in more nontraditional ways. Chlorine is typically used because not all of the alternatives are inexpensive to install. If you do want to move away from using chlorine — for whatever reason makes sense to your family, here are some options.

Can a pool be cleaned without chlorine?

Some individuals are allergic to chlorine, others don’t want to have their bodies submerged in chemicals while they swim and still others just want a pool that is cleaned in a more natural way. Here are alternatives to talk with your pool contractor about implementing

Bromine. This works as a sanitizer. It’s ideal for those with chlorine allergies. Bromine is mixed with chlorine and this means you can use lesser amounts of chlorine to santize the water.

PHMB, short for polyhexamethylene biguanide is a viable option. This compound will not oxidize the water. Your pool contractor will add hydrogen peroxide and an algaecide to keep the water clear.

Ozonator. This is a system you can have installed in your swimming pool to inject ozone gas into the water. The gas reacts with impurities and eradicates them. Options for ozonators include an ultraviolet light ozonator or a corona discharge ozonator. One of the systems introduced UV light into the pool water to kill bacteria. In the corona system, an electrical arc creates ozone inside a generator and that kills pathogens in the water.

Salt chlorination system. Table salt is used to clean the water. Inside the salt water chlorination system, salt is converted to chlorine and the water is cleaned. It’s been said by those who use the system that the water is “soft” and their skin feels silky. Even though the salt is converted to chlorine to clean the water, it is at a much lower level than if you used chlorine to clean the water.

Natural pools. With a natural pool, your pool contractor digs an area adjacent to the pool. The additional natural pool is planted with aquatic plants that filter the pool water and remove impurities the water is pulled from the pool, filtered through the natural pool, then sent back to the swimming pool with the impurities removed.

If you’re seeking an alternative to chlorine cleaning for your pool, talk with us and explore the other options.