There are many more than 5 best pool care tips, but the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pool & Spa repair in Fort Worth, Texas offer these five as a way to break down the pool to smaller components to make it easier for new pool owners to understand. Many new pool owners determine they want to care for the pool on their own, without the services of a pool contractor and in many cases it works out fine.

There are some pool owners who find they spend more money and definitely much more of their precious free time cleaning the pool and less time enjoying it and they eventually hire a pool contractor to take over the task for them.

5 best pool care tips

Run the pool pump. The pool pump is responsible for circulating all of the water in the swimming pool. The water in the pool should be “turned over” at least twice every single day. That means that every gallon of water should be pushed through the filter two times. Ask us how long the pool pump should be run daily to make that a reality. Plan to run it at least eight hours a day.

Proper pH is key to clean water. If the pool water’s pH chemistry is out of line, it can impact the effectiveness of the rest of the chemicals.

Check the water chemistry often. Some pool owners will check the chemistry daily. It doesn’t do any harm to check it that often, other than taking up some of your time but that is minimal. It is easier to see when the chemistry is out of balance and adjust for it when the numbers are low rather than waiting for a major upheaval in levels and having to add copious amounts of chemicals.

Check and clean the skimmer basket frequently. You don’t have to wait until the skimmer basket is overflowing to clean it out. In fact, it makes more sense to clean it before it needs it. The skimmer basket is the first line of defense in capturing debris in the water, remove it often to potect the cleanliness of the water.

Prevent the growth of algae. To do this you need to check the water’s phosphate level. If you check the water chemistry often you can catch any changes in phosphate levels and stop algae growth before it starts.

Talk with us if you want to learn how to care for and maintain your swimming pool on your own.