Seahorse Pools contractors offer up info on 2017 cool pool trends 

Cool pool trends come and go every season, but there are those that stick around year after year, the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools explain. Whether you are getting a new swimming pool in 2017 or if you want to upgrade and update your existing swimming pool, here are some of the 2017 cool pool trends to consider.

2017 cool pool trends

  1. Oil and water might not mix, but water and fire certainly do. Adding a combination water/fire feature is a trend that is catching hold because of its aesthetic appeal as well as its functionality. A fire feature also helps extend the time you spend around the pool at night.
  2. Unique pool materials and mixes of colours and textures. Choose from pebbles, stones, quartz, glass tiles and more.
  3. A swim up bar or sun shelves add to the fun you have in your pool. If you can tan and relax while not having to leave the swimming pool, why wouldn’t you want to?! A swim up bar means you can enjoy your beverages without leaving the comfort of the pool.
  4. Salt water chlorination is becoming a trend for those who want to move away from cleaning the pool water with chemicals.
  5. A sports pool — this is a pool designed with an even depth that makes it easier for playing in pool games. An even depth is trending as pool owners are moving away from a shallow to deep end design
  6. Automation. Add to the energy efficiency of your pool by adding an automatic timer for pool pump operation as well as the heater and pool cover. Don’t forget to automate the lighting and pool cleaning devices.
  7. Move your living to the out of doors by adding to the functionality and beauty of your outdoor living space. The outdoor living space could be a gazebo, a pool house or a combination of the two.

What trending pool items do you want to take advantage of and incorporate into your swimming pool this year? Give us a call and let us know so we can get started on your project!