Is the pool water clean enough? This is a question the swimming pool service contrractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas get asked quite regularly. The answer is, if you work with a pool contractor who takes care of your pool maintenance, you can pretty much rest assured that it is. If you care for the pool water on your own and are diligent about it and about testing the water for cleanliness and correct chemical balances, the answer is probably yes. If you’re not certain, read on!

Is the pool water clean enough?

“Clean enough” may be a relative term for some pool owners, but for most pool owners, they want to rest assured their pool water is clean and bacteria free and that no one who uses the pool will become ill because it isn’t clean enough for use.

Here are some things to check to assure the pool water is clean enough:

  1. Test the water chemistry often. Adjust the chemicals when necessary.
  2. Check the pool filter to make certain the filtration system is operating at its peak.
  3. Clean the pool regularly. Skim off floating debris. Scrub the walls. Vaccum it.
  4. Automate any swimming pool processes as you can. This will help assure the pool water remains clean and maintained even if you happen to forget.
  5. Use a swimming pool cover to help keep the pool clean between service visits.

Make certain your children use the bathroom before they get in the water and check in with them frequently to make certain there are no accidents while they’re swimming. Ask swimmers to take a shower before they get into the pool as this will wash off body oils, hair sprays, deodorants and other organic items that can upset the chemical balances.

Ask for best practice tips on when and how often to clean the pool, when to add chemicals and for how long to run the swimming pool pump to assure the water is properly turned over and filtered throughout the day.