Seahorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas offer tips to get ready for a 2018 pool project. Do you want to be cooling your heels when summer 2018 rolls around and you’re waiting for your pool contractor to get your pool project done? If you want to enjoy the pool as soon as summer rolls around, now is the best time to begin talking with us about the planning of your pool project.

Get ready for a 2018 pool project

When you’re a first time pool owner, you will likely be overwhelmed with the amount of items you need to plan for. Here are some questions to get you started on knowing what to ask a pool contractor.

  • Is my yard pool-friendly? (Meaning, will there need to be a lot of landscaping as part of the project and will the construction vehicles have easy access)
  • Are there zoning restrictions in my area? Will my potential pool contractor help me get those.
  • What does my budget look like? Don’t forget to plan for the deck, outdoor living area and add-on accessories.
  • Will my pool be used for exercise, entertainment or lounging? A combination of all of them?
  • What do I need to know about safety and insurance? Talk with your pool contractor about pool safety issues. Talk with your insurance agent before you sign any pool contract to assure you will be covered.

There are three types pool construction materials from which to choose. 

  • Fiberglass – a factory-molded pool that is placed inside of a pre-dug hole. They are durable and stain-resistant but generally come in limited shapes and sizes.
  • Vinyl – A pool made from a preformed flexible liner that is fitted into a hole and attached to a wall frame. These pools are generally rectangular and can be constructed in one to three weeks.
  • Concrete – This pool allows for greater creativity in shape, size and design. They can generally take longer to construct but are significantly more durable.

At Seahorse Pools & Spas, we know everything about fitting your backyard with the perfect swimming pool. In addition to pool construction we can also help with the maintenance and upkeep of your dream swimming pool.