If you own a swimming pool you know one of the best things about that is that you can have fun with your friends and family and build memories the entire swim season. Sure, a pool is a wonderful place to relax and unwind after a long day at work or doing yard work, but when you have children or adults who are young at heart in the house, stocking up on pool toys will help you get the most fun out of the time you spend in your pool. Buy pool toys before you open your pool so you’re ready to jump right in and have fun as soon as possible!

Buy pool toys before you open your pool

  • Pool noodles. These inexpensive toys are fun and help build imaginations every time you play with them. You can get pool noodles from the dollar store or you can buy higher end noodles that are lighted. The lightened noodles make for even more fun nighttime play. Pool noodles lend themselves to many types of games. You can float on them, use them for resistance exercise and these fun games: scavenger hunt, jousting, pool limbo, diving or jumping onto and over the noodle.
  • Beach balls. These are family favorites whether you’re in the backyard pool or on the beach. They’re brightly colored, lend themselves to a rousing game of volleyball in the pool. You can play bumper balls, water hoops or use the beach ball to have a reverse tug of war where you bump beach balls until you push the other person back over the line.
  • Adult pool toys. Okay, a high end raft may not be considered a pool toy, but after a long day of playing pool games, why not climb into your raft and float around the pool while the kids continue to play pool games? We can’t think of anything better!

Stop by your pool contractor’s store and let the kids choose a fun pool toy or two!